This website was formerly located at: http://www.maine-cook.com. I changed its name in March 2019.


Hi, I’m Aleksandra!

I‘m really happy that you stumbled upon my page. I‘m the cook and photographer behind Everyday-Delicious.com.

I‘m from Poland, but I live in Vienna, Austria with my boyfriend and our little daughter (she‘s almost two now).

I regard this website as my online recipe cookbook. Here you‘ll find all kinds of recipes, each with precise descriptions and many with step-by-step photos.

– About half of the recipes are vegetarian.

– Since I have a day job and not a lot of time for cooking my recipes are mostly quick and easy meals, made with everyday ingredients.

– Sometimes I‘m making something more fancy (like slow-roasted duck breast) and time-consuming on the weekends (potato and cheese pierogi!). Comfort food require mostly some time but it‘s often freezer friendly (it‘s so good to have lasagna in the freezer!).

I‘m sure you‘ll find something that you‘ll love!

If you’ve cooked one of my recipes, please don’t forget to leave a comment, a star rating or even a photo of your creation, so the others can benefit from it. It also makes me very happy!

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You can contact me through e-mail: [email protected]. I‘d love hearing from you!


Here you‘ll find many delicious recipes (and many more to come!), tested by my family and friends, our absolute favourites! All recipes are tested a minimum of 3 times, to ensure they come out perfectly every time. My recipes are always made from scratch with real ingredients. I‘m a self-taught cook and I‘ve spend many hours extensively testing each recipe by trial and error method.

I categorized the main menu the way how I search for recipes, I hope you‘ll find that helpful. Here you‘ll find my take on many popular, classic recipes, and many brand new dishes.

I love reading recipe origin stories, I always do a research before I develop and post a recipe (yes, this is what I do in my free time!). I hope you‘ll enjoy reading the story of how the dish was created and my twists to the recipe.

I love all kinds of cuisines, I can‘t really name my favorite one. I love Italian, full of taste and umami pasta dishes, which are always my quick, go-to, weeknight meals, aromatic Middle Eastern cuisine, Asian sweet sour and spicy flavors and of course Polish cuisine, which reminds me of my homeland.

How I started cooking:

This won‘t be an usuall story, how I watched my mother and grandmother cook and bake my first cake at the age of 8. In fact, I started cooking only 7 years ago. I was never interested in cooking and when I left home and went to the university I was eating very poorly. I was extremely picky and I didn‘t like a lot of things (olives! green peas! spinach! raw onion! mushrooms!). I‘ve had three dinner dishes in rotation: breaded chicken cutlets, pancakes with nutella/cream cheese and store-bought sauces in a jar with pasta/rice. Seriously, I’ve eaten this way for almost 2 years. You‘re going to laugh, but an eye-opening experience for me was eating Chicken Korma one time, in a small, awful-looking Indian restaurant in Stockholm. It opened me up to other cuisines and not well-known flavors. Since then I‘m trying everyday to learn something new, I‘m experimenting a lot, reading a lot and cooking all the time. I‘m basically getting ready to sleep, thinking what I will be eating tomorrow.

I know that this is not some incredible and shocking story, but this is how it started for me, if you‘re curious.

Why I started a food blog:

So I was cooking obsessively over the years and gathered quite a collection of cookbooks, printed out recipes, notes of my own and it was just a mess. When I stayed at home on maternity leave, I thought it‘s a good opportunity to transfer my recipe collection online. I started my blog in August 2017. It gave me even more motivation to cook and test recipes in order to find the best possible version. My boyfriend says I‘m addicted!

Food photography:

With time, I have fallen in love with food photography, which was just an unpleasant necessity at the beginning. Turns out I just didn‘t know how to make beautiful photos and it frustrated me. I‘m not saying that my photos are so good right now, but if you could see the photos, that I posted with my first recipes, you could unterstand how happy I am now 🙂 Most of my recipes are shot with a cheap, but very good Nikon D3400 and 50mm/f1.8 lens. The most recent recipes have been shot with Nikon D700 and the same lens. For camera and lens recommendations: I used this website, which I‘ve found very helpful. To stay inspired, I follow many beautiful Instagram and Pinterest accounts. I‘m hoping to provide you with a feast for the palate and the eyes!

Do I follow any diet?

I try to eat healthy, but I don‘t like any diets. We‘re also very lucky, that we don‘t have any dietary restrictions.

What healthy eating means to me:

1. eating a lot of fruit and vegetables

2. minimum processed food (like store-bought sweets, pre-made meals, margarine, cereal, soft drinks, junk food)

3. reducing meat amount – we eat meat about 2-3 times/week, fish/seafood 1-times / week, vegetarian dishes 2-4 times/week

4. since we‘re eating meat, fish/seafood, and dairy – I ALWAYS buy organic products, that come from a good source

5. everything in moderation rule – if I‘m eating something calorie-rich for dinner (Cacio e pepe! mmm) I serve it with a crunchy salad on the side and try to not eat a lot (with the emphasis on try..).

6. every once in a while – I use whole-grain flour (I must admit, there‘s room for improvement for me here..)

7. home-made desserts are the best! (bonus: no palm oil).

8. I try to make everything from scratch (pizza dough, pesto, pastry dough and so on).

I think it‘s good to make some better choices and try to eat better for yourself and your family, but without driving yourself crazy. It‘s all about balance!